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Brand new products from the best in the market of medical devices, telemedicine, and innovation.

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Remote robotic ultrasound system

It is a complete tele-robotic ultrasound system (MELODY) consisting of an expert station and a patient station. Each station consists of three components: a robotic arm, an ultrasound machine and a teleconferencing system. Now distance does not matter anymore. Made in France


The First Smart Bed

The best solution for the nursing staff of any Hospital or Clinic. Vacancy notification if the patient does not return to bed. Fall prevention with early warnings during the night. Signs and alarms on vital organs (Temperature -BAP -Breathing -Cardiovascular status). Indication of sleep/relaxation/stress. Made in Italy

Aegean Neorion Innovation Center

with ONEX, Cisco & Cosmote

We are happy to announce that three of the products we represent were successfully showcased in the demonstrations among solutions given by Cisco and Cosmote. The Soluva W, the ECG247, and the Sixcase AED cabin.

Two of the products will also be placed at the Hospital of Syros for the launch of "Smart Hospitals" project, the ECG247 and Soluva Air W.


MELODY robotic ultrasound

A complete tele-robotic ultrasound system consisting of an expert station and a patient station.

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The best solution that transforms the bed into a powerful system, continuously monitoring the vital signs of the patient and capable of detecting events immediately.

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Exclusive Representative for ECG247

ECG247 is a medical certified device for ambulatory (long term) and continuous monitoring of the heart rhythm.

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Exclusive Representative of WOSEM

Negative Pressure Carrier Designed to isolate as stably as possible and swiftly transport patients suspected of virus contamination (COVID-19).

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Medical devices

BeneHeart C2, C1A & AED-Alert TM 2.0

BeneHeart C Series knows what a first-time rescuer needs, and provides the smart ResQNavi™ technology to guide you through the tense rescue process step by step with animation coaching and voice prompts.

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UVC Technology Solutions for air disinfection

HERAEUS Soluva® Air V

UV-C air purification device continuously purifies the cabin air in buses and other public transportation vehicles during the journey – reliably and efficiently.

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UVC Technology Solutions

American Ultraviolet MRS45-12 12-Lamp Mobile Room Solution

The MRS45-12 mobile UVC device is ideal when fast UVC disinfection times are needed, including in patient care environments, operating suites, nursing homes, emergency shelters, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities and many more.

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