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VYTE Company

VYTE is a Greek company founded with the vision to become the most attractive partner of Domestic and Multinational companies, in the field of health and beauty.

With our primary value, respect for people, both our customers and our competitors recognize us as a reliable innovative company with a quality background.

We have entered into exclusivity agreements with leading global companies, introducing advanced medical devices and beauty products with the aim of contributing to a better future for quality of life and human health.

Moreover, our company, thanks to the continuous intercontinental handling of goods through the experience gained from its many years of presence both in China and in South Korea has acquired a significant network of specialist partners in Asia.

The purpose of this network is to find and promote in Europe a wide range of products and services according to the wishes of our customers. Therefore, we undertake various projects arranging deals or negotiating to find solutions abroad.

Our philosophy based on the simple concept of “high-quality, low-cost products for all consumers” has established us as a company that respects the present but evolves and never stops investing in the future, aiming to:

  • the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality System.
  • the commitment to monitor and comply with the operating framework, national and European legislation as well as international good practice.

Development without borders

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