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Mindray AED

BeneHeart C2BeneHeart C1AAED-Alert TM 2.0

Smart & Easy
Intelligent ResQNaviTM

For public rescue, the rescuer's proficiency in the resuscitation process often varies greatly. Rescuers who lack resuscitation experience need more detailed guidance, while experienced rescuers only need simple prompts and too complicated prompts might reduce the efficiency of these rescuers.

Based on a large number of user behavior and psychological research results, ResQNaviTM technology can evaluate the proficiency level of rescuers and provide targeted intelligent rescue navigation for different rescuers throughout the whole resuscitation process.
User Interactive Rescue Guidance
BeneHeart C series knows what you need. When the rescuer is too nervous or inexperienced and does not apply the pads for a long time, ResQNaviTM is able to recognize the challenge of the rescuer encounters in time, and provide more detailed operation guidance for the rescuer through the change of both animation and voice prompts.
Continuous Encouragement during CPR Process

ResQNaviTM provides comprehensive CPR navigation for rescuers in accordance with the latest AHA/ERC guidelines to help rescuers perform high quality CPR.

- CPR mode can be configured to 30:2, 15:2 and hands-only

- Simple switching between adult-child mode

- CPR metronome

- CPR real-time feedback

- CPR process encouragement can continuously encourage the rescuer and help to achieve the goal of saving a life, just like a personal coach at side.
Faster & Powerful Shock

QSHOCK™ -Faster Time to 1st Shock

Success rates for defibrillation drop every second.

BeneHeart C series is equipped with our new QShockTM technology. With the QShock increase the chance of a successful defibrillation.

It only takes less than 8 seconds to deliver the first shock.

QShockTM not only greatly shortens the time of power-on and heart rhythm analysis but also performs synchronous pre-charging in the process of heart rhythm analysis.

After the rhythm analysis is completed the energy can be delivered immediately without any delay, so that victims can get electric shock as soon as possible, and rescuers might feel more calm due to the shorter time for waiting.
360BTe-Higher Energy for Better Outcome
BeneHeart C series features 360J biphasic technology with auto-compensation according to patient impedance, which increases the chance to save difficult-to-defibrillate patients.

200J works for many people, but does not work for everyone. 360J works while 200J failed.
Reliable & Durable Quality
BeneHeart C series has passed a series of rigorous tests. Its reliable quality makes BeneHeart C series able to face a variety of challenges of severe environments with great confidence.
Stay Connected

AED-AlertTM 2.0 system helps managers realize remote and centralized AED management through advanced IoT technology and replaces manual inspection with automatic self-test to reduce daily maintenance costs.

AED-AlertTM 2.0 provides comprehensive device status reminders to ensure AED's always ready to use, which results in the reduction of the daily maintenance risks at the same time.

- Complete overview of all AEDs - AED fault notification

- Pads & battery expiry date reminder

- Electronic fence
Flexible Network Solutions
BeneHeart C2 can be equipped with Wi-Fi or 4G in order to connect with AED-AlertTM 2.0 environments.
High Data Security
AED-AlertTM 2.0 fully meets the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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