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Automated External Defibrillator HR-501

automaticadult and childportable


RADIAN AED (Automated External Defibrillator) helps recover normal cardiac function upon acute heart disease, such as acute cardiac arrest, by providing cardiac function analysis and, if necessary, electroshock.

HeartGuardianTM as an AED, provides precise analysis of victims’ body conditions and configures exact amount of shocks needed, promising safety and quicker responses.

Easy to use and accessible by all without special training

At the moment Heart Guardian is opened, auto- guidance will be provided for every stage of the In case of difficulty listening to the audio- guidance, LED indicator will guide you

From analysis to charging, all services are automatic All you need to do is to apply the pad at the right place and press a button to start

Compatible with both Adult and Child

AED pad is applied regardless of age and gender, simply by setting up one button.

HeartGuardian AED provides precise amount of shock energy tailored to patents body size and condition of two different levels.

HeartGuardian AED offers data extraction with the embedded memory

HeartGuardian AED offers «defibrillation blackbox» by recording operation history

  • Product Type Low-output CPR Machine (Folded)
  • ECG Analysis 8.5 Sec.
  • Hi-Cap Charging 8 Sec.
  • Shock Output 150J (Adults), 50J(Kids)
  • Data Storage 40min (Embedded memory)
  • Data Transfer Protocol Bluetooth 2.0
  • Control Buttons Power, Analysis, Shock
  • Battery Type Li-Mn (12V DC 4.2A)
  • Shock Frequency 200, at least
  • Pad Type Electrode Pad, disposable and adhesive
  • Dimension 230(W)x320(L) x85(H) mm
  • Weight 1.9kg
  • Warranty 5 Yrs. (2Yrs.for pads/4years for Batteries)
  • Paid Repair Service 10years

Once recorded, data can be transferred out and analyzed through Bluetooth-enabled functions Prompt and Accurate Analysis of ECG Heart Guardian offers ECG (Electrocardiography) analysis in just 8.5 seconds

ECG analysis function provides detection of irregular cardiac waves with 97.8% accuracy and immediately commences electric charging upon detection.

Embedded shock timing table based on patients’ impedance levels, enables the most accurate charging time and shock timing analysis.

P-303 Standard type (HR-501 Life Mode)
l Adult/Child compatible, 1 pair
l Size: 145(H) x 98(W) x 1(T)mm
Polyolefin foam
Adhesive: 180-129A

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