Beauty Tip No1

Whatever is caused by day is repaired by night! Night-time skin care is an investment for the skin's future!  


🔸 Make sure to follow a routine of evening face cleansing using a mild soap.

🔸 After thoroughly drying your skin, apply an impregnated sheet of natural beauty Snail Essence Mask for 20-30 minutes.
The healing properties of snail secretion help restore, regenerate and protect the skin from aging! Each mask sheet is impregnated with water soluble essential oils and has been formulated for deep moisturizing skincare using concentrated plant extracts that help the skin absorb its nutrients.

🔸 Remove the mask without rinsing your face.
This way you will allow your skin to absorb the necessary ingredients!

🔸 Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.


You'll feel the difference in the morning!

The Beauty Friends II Series impregnated natural beauty mask, Snail Essence Mask, can be used warm or cold depending on your preference and is suitable for everyday use!

It can be found in selected pharmacies throughout Greece  

Exclusive import and distribution of products by Marvifarm Pharmaceutical Wholesalers