Would you let a spot spoil your evening? There is a solution!

It is called “Spot Reducer Gel Patch” and can be found in selected pharmacies throughout Greece! 

How it works:

SKINLITE facial patches contain a specially formulated non-irritating hydrogel to reduce the appearance of blemishes and moderate acne on the face. A proven acne-fighting active ingredient is applied to facial pimples, where necessary.

The patch's special soothing ingredients are delivered to the skin all through the night helping to prevent irritation and dryness.



The application of a SKINLITE patch, due to the closed dressing of the area under treatment, results in:
Increasing the Permeability of the active substance and soothing ingredients.
Restricting the active substance and soothing ingredients only to the area being treated.
Moisturization of the area being treated. 


✓ Cleanse the skin thoroughly before applying the patch. Face must be completely dry for at least five minutes.

✓ Peel the round patch from its protective film and apply directly to each pimple being treated, making sure the edges stick well.

✓ Leave on overnight and remove in the morning. Wash your face again.

✓ Repeat nightly until the blemish is gone.


If an annoying dryness or peeling appears, reduce the application of the patches to every second day.

Each pack contains 30 patches.

Active ingredient: salicylic acid (0.5%)

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