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Expert StationVideo conf Station Remote control station

This is a full telerobotic ultrasound system (MELODY) which is made of one expert

site and one patient site. Each site consists of three components: a robotic arm, an ultrasound machine, and a video conferencing system.

MELODY Expert Solution

  • Control panel, fictitious probe, control station
  • Videoconferencing system
  • Remote control station for ultrasound scan machine

MELODY Patient Solution

  • Robot, probe holder
  • Probe Holder Controller,
  • Ultrasound machine optimized for tele-ultrasonography Support stand
  • Videoconferencing system


MELODY Expert Station

Our handling and reading platform has been designed to offer to the experts an easy way to control the robot. The “fictitious probe”, similar to an abdominal ultrasound probe, enables an easy and ergonomic control on the robot at distance. The objective is to change, as less as possible, the habits of doctors. (Solution designed and produced in France).

MELODY Patient Station

MELODY Patient solution can reproduce the movements of the expert with high precision. MELODY also has a universal interface to fix the ultrasound probe, allowing the fixation of most ultrasound probes in the market. This is a modular solution allowing quick and easy implementation into existing environments. (Solution designed and produced in France).

Video conferencing solution

Our videoconferencing has been optimized to meet the needs of the tele-echography diagnosis and so facilitates the communication quality between the patient and the expert sites (image high definition and high microphone sensitivity).

Medical probe holder balancer

The medical probe holder balancer helps the operator manipulate the robot to position it precisely on the patient body. In addition, it helps lift the robot during the diagnosis.

Ultrasound scan machine optimized for tele-echography

This ultrasound scan machine is the very first in the world to allow radiologists control at distance the device adjustment. The objective of this solution is to let the expert maintain his autonomy during the diagnosis while providing an image of quality.

Want to see it in action?

Check the videos in YouTube to see it in real conditions!

YouTube Videos

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