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Spot Reducer Gel Patches SKINLITE

SKINLITE facial patches contain a specially formulated non-irritating hydrogel to reduce the appearance of blemishes and moderate acne on the face. A proven acne-fighting active ingredient is applied to facial pimples, where necessary.
The patch’s special soothing ingredients are delivered to the skin all through the night helping to prevent irritation and dryness.

Currently Out of Stock

Nutrition Bars Extend Nutrition

Cookies & Cream
A ribbon of cream layered on top of cookie filled nougat and covered with sugar free chocolate

Chocolate & Caramel
A sweet ribbon of caramel layered on top of a chocolate nougat filling and covered with sugar free chocolate

by Dr. Francine Kaufman, M.D.
› Low Net Carbs: 0-1gr
› Low Sugar – Sweetened with stevia
› High Protein & Gluten Free
› Only 130 – 150 Calories
› Patented Formula – USA PATENT

Currently Out of Stock

Cooling Anti-Fever Pad – FRIO PAD

FRIO PAD cooling – relief pads, have been designed to provide immediate cooling relief to children with a slight fever. Made of Hydrogel that is skin-friendly thanks to its slightly acidic pH. They are safe, convenient and ready to use without refrigeration. FRIO PADS remain firmly in place, without leaving a sticky residue. FRIO PADS remain cool for up to 8 hours (The duration depends on ambient conditions). CE certified.

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