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Room Disinfection with MRS45-12

12-Lamp SolutionMobile systemfast UVC disinfection

The MRS45-12 mobile UVC device is ideal when fast UVC disinfection times are needed, including in patient care environments, operating suites, nursing homes, emergency shelters, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, and prison / jail cells.
UVC energy has been shown to reduce pathogens by 99.9%.
An estimated 3-log (99.9%) pathogen reduction at 10 feet distance to an object can be estimated utilizing energy values compared against UVC output.
Coronavirus (SARS) in less than 1 minute;
MRSA in less than 5 minutes;
C. diff. in less than 8 minutes.

• 304 stainless steel construction
• Twelve (12) 45” slimline UVC lamps
• Polished reflector for maximum intensity
• Motion and IR sensors for 360° automatic shut off
• Remote On/Off
• Touchscreen controller with preset and
manual disinfection cycles
• Large, high-quality locking casters
• 120/220 Volt, 50/60 Hertz
• Formed stainless tube structure protects lamps and improves ability to handle and transport the device

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