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Smart bed ANGELO 4.0


A system of sensors located in the bed structure without direct contact with the patient.

The ANGELO system does not involve any need to equip itself with servers or complex systems: it will be enough to have a Wi-Fi connection in the ward, to which the device will connect automatically.

Using 24/7 continuous monitoring, the platform uses artificial intelligence and self-learning to predict and deliver warnings on the deterioration of health and adverse events.


  • heart rate
  • breath frequency
  • body temperature
  • blood oxygenation and blood pressure
  • Onset of respiratory disorders with a clinical picture similar to covid movement and sleep quality
  • fall prevention: verifying every attempt of the patient to get out of bed, and warning in case of failure to return to bed within a predetermined time.
  • prevention of pressure complications, checking the rotation of the body on the back and hips, or on the wrong side
  • prediction of epileptic seizures or impending cardiac complications, the presence of strangers next to the bed


ANGELO records in real time the alerts produced and the patient’s parameters, the response of the structures and processes metrics to measure and analyze each result, thus integrating the risk management plans of the hospital structure.


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