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Greece has set out to change the landscape of its cities and is heading towards a more advanced future for our daily lives.


  • “Smart Hospitals” is a government project that will turn gradually the Hospitals in Greece into “Smart” technologically advanced Hospitals.

The main goal is to make the life of medical professionals easier and help citizens in rural areas of Greece by providing telemedicine solutions.


  • “Smart Cities” is set to assist Municipalities in upgrading their systems technologically, helping to ease daily essential work, as well as the citizens to live in a more sustainable and advanced city.


To achieve this, the whole system must make the necessary changes and be ready for such a development. Telemedicine and technology, in general, need a strong system that does not fail in order to function consistently.


Our company is excited to be one of the companies joining the change and we are steadily moving towards the goals we have set.

We make sure to find solutions that help us advance and offer assistance in whatever the need will be.

These projects are close to our philosophy and ethos, with the aim of contributing to a better future for quality of life and human health.

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